We’re a brewery, by and for the people. South Bay Brewco is one of the first breweries to offer our customers, nay, our friends, true participation through our SoBAme membership and SoBAfounder investor programs. If you’ve ever wanted to be involved with a brewery, this is your chance.

A SoBAme membership means becoming a part of the brewery and it’s success. In addition to free beer*, you’ll also receive invitations to special events like “Meet the Brewers”, beer naming competitions where you can try to convince us to name a beer after your dog or motorcycle, and special release parties. And you’ll get brewery gear that will make people be all like “Hey, cool hat bro” or “I wish I could be like you”.

Our membership programs are still brewing. Use our Keep in touch page to send us your contact deets and we’ll keep you posted on how and when we turn this program up to 11 so you can be one of the OGs.

If you’re interested in a higher level of investment and involvement in the brewery please send us your contact info and we’ll reach out to you with information on our exclusive SoBAfounder program.

*Free beer means exactly what it sounds like. We just have to limit the amount we can give you because of laws and stuff.